How to write a song?

Writing songs is one of the first steps a singer must take to produce a great song, so it is very important to write it well. To this end, you should know that writing a song requires discipline and above all the respect of certain steps. Thus, discover in this article, these criteria are of paramount importance to writing your songs.

You must formulate a title and write some questions related to it

As you already know, every song must necessarily have a title. Indeed, as the title of the song is a summary of the subject matter of your song, you must know how to formulate it. In this regard, to formulate your song, you must make sure that it does not exceed six words.
In this demanding process of writing your song, you must also write the questions related to your song once it has been formulated. In fact, to properly formulate these, it is important that you consider their meaning, the reasons why you chose them.

Make the structure of your song and answer the questions formulated

Since the song is a text set to music, for yours to be coherent, you must establish the structure that it must strictly follow. Indeed, in the case of the latter, it can contain verses, choruses, and bridges. In addition, you can add a pre-chorus to make your music special.
Then, once this structure is established, you have to answer all the questions formulated after the title. In fact, for perfect coherence, you must answer these in each structure of your song. This way, each structure is linked to a specific question.

Look for a melody to your song while linking your verses and choruses

In fact, since the song is a musical work with melodies, you also need to choose a melody that is consistent with your lyrics. To do this, take the trouble to sing your song out loud with emotion and energy to determine the right rhythm for it.
Finally, to produce a drinkable song, try to link all your verses and choruses so that you can change the tone of your song and make it unique.